MCAN leaders and allies – immigrants and non-immigrants, young and old, black, brown and caucasian – stood together to demand an end to deportations in front of the ICE offices. A Boston Globe article highlighted the story of the ECCO Vice President, Angela Arce, and we were also covered on Telemundo.

Last Wed. 2/17, we said, “YA BASTA! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”, and we went straight to where decisions about deportations are being made, the offices at ICE. A large group of us chanted, prayed, and listened to stories of our immigrant brothers and sisters.

And mothers and children of MCAN and its affiliates held a sit-in in front of the ICE office doors. They declared to the officers from Homeland Security standing in front, “If you want us to move, you will have to first tear our children from our arms – as you do to families every day through deportations.”

In early January we heard that the immigration police, ICE, would be increasing their efforts to round up and deport people who entered the country after January 1, 2014. We began to worry about the children that came to the U.S. in large numbers during 2014 and the many immigrants who could be separated from their families if they were deported back to the violence they were fleeing.

We condemn the business of immigration detention and deportation as neo-slavery. A system that tears mothers and fathers from their children and creates hundreds of thousands of orphans is depraved and not worthy of a country that calls itself a democracy.

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