In a first for Mass., undocumented immigrant seeks refuge in Cambridge church

The Boston Globe | July 24, 2017

Supreme Judicial Court rules in favor of Sanctuary Cities

The state’s highest court ruled Monday that under Massachusetts law, local law enforcement officials cannot hold a person who is wanted solely for immigration violations. 

This Supreme Judicial Court ruling is believed to be the first court decision in the country to…  Read more >>

The Boston Globe | June 06, 2017

Ipswich votes to become a sanctuary town

Thanks to the Essex County Community Organization, Ipswich has joined the growing list of Massachusetts “sanctuary” cities and towns. With an overwhelming two-thirds majority vote.  Read more >>

The Boston Globe | May 31, 2017

Massachusetts first undocumented immigrant receives sanctuary

A woman fleeing US immigration authorities has taken refuge in a Cambridge church with her two children, making them the first family in Massachusetts known to publicly seek “sanctuary” in a house of worship since… Read more >>

Brockton Enterprise Article | May 02, 2017 

A day without immigrants hits Brockton streets

“What we really want is for people to stop stereotyping and profiling certain groups of people, especially in this political climate, when people have negative things to say about the immigrant community… My entire life, I’ve grown up with undocumented children in Brockton. There’s no way I think they are less Brocktonian than I am.” Read more >>