Each Red Dot Represents An Incarcerated Life


On February 23rd, MCAN Organizer Danielle Williams hosted a Roxbury watch party where area residents got together to view a segment of the critically acclaimed Ava Duvernay film, “the 13th.” After, the segment was played participants engaged in a conversation around what they just viewed, the information they just gained, and the role it plays in their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. Almost instantaneously, as the film came to an end a roaring burst of anger and pain flowed as area residents shared their disdain with the systematic tactics used against them across generations.

In conducting this conversation, Organizer Danielle Williams turned the rooms attention to a few props she had displaying 2009-2015 information on residents who’ve been detained at Suffolk County (ONLY SUFFOLK COUNTY). The reaction from the community was priceless. As faces stared in astonishment at the visual reality they faced daily. Living in a community where every red dot represents an incarcerated person from their community. (Father, Brother, Son, Friend)

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