Officially Launching the Fair Share Campaign

This week, MCAN and our partners at Raise Up Massachusetts launched the Fair Share Amendment Campaign, and our signature gathering period has officially begun. Will you join us in collecting signatures? Email and we’ll mail you petition forms.

This is an opportunity of a generation to make systemic economic change – to create an economy where we all contribute to a future of abundance for our children. Our faith traditions teach us that all things belong to God, and that as stewards of land and wealth, we each have a responsibility to help build a beloved community where every one of God’s children can thrive.

But right now, our economic system in MA does not reflect these values. Right now, millionaires pay a smaller share of their income in state and local taxes than everyone else. This is largely because low and middle-income earners pay a higher share of their income in sales taxes and property taxes, and due to the tax benefits for the wealthiest residents.

This amendment will raise $1.3 billion annually in new state revenue by raising taxes on income over $1 million by 4%, and ensure that we all pay our fair share. The revenue will be dedicated to investing in education (public schools, pre-school, state colleges) and transportation (fixing roads, bridges, and the MBTA and regional transit systems) – the future of our children, and the reliability of our livelihoods.

We have from now until November 15th to collect 100,000 petition signatures. We can do it, but we’ll need your help.

**Can you please get 10+ of your friends, co-workers, church or synagogue members, or other people to sign this petition? If you think you can do it, email with your name, mailing address, email, and phone number to let us know, and we’ll send you petition forms.

Thanks and with peace,

Lew Finfer and the MCAN staff and leaders

PS: We’re proud of the two MCAN leaders who will be listed on the petition as some of the first signers – Debbie Frontierro, a leader in our ECCO affiliate and Rev. Jose Encarnacion, a leader in our Worcester Interfaith affiliate.