The Jobs NOT Jails coalition could not be ignored

BILL: (S. 791) Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz | (H.2308) Rep. Mary S. Keefe 

(There is) ” No one policy change alone that would right the wrongs that have been done to our residents, to our high-crime neighborhoods, to our taxpayers, by a failing system… With so much at stake and so many lives in the balance. Sentencing reform is a good place to start. It defines the system, who’s going in for how long, and at what cost.” ~Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz

As a member of the Jobs NOT Jails coalition, MCAN has been playing a major role in pushing the Justice Reinvestment Act. On Monday, June 5th, MCAN supporters gaveTo give legislators a strong visual presence that the Justice Reinvestment Act for Criminal Justice Reform will wait no longer! The JRA bill is aimed at: 

  • Repealing Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences
  • Raising the threshold for a Felony for Theft from $250 to $1500
  • Ending Fines and Fees on Ex-Prisoners AND Reducing Criminalization of Poverty
  • Expungement of Juvenile Misdemeanors.

– Read the full article to Monday’s hearing here.

– View the Justice Reinvestment Act fact sheet here.

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