Faith & Clergy Resources for the Fair Share Campaign

A Time of Reflection and Recommitment to Justice

In the Jewish community, we are heading next week into the High Holidays.  It is a time of year when we reflect on our actions, reevaluate our lives, and recommit ourselves toward living holier and more just lives.  As we fast on Yom Kippur, we listen to God’s call in Isaiah 58, saying that our fasting and worship is meaningless if our commitment to God does not drive us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, unfetter every shackle.

The Fair Share Amendment Campaign

In this spirit of re-commitment to justice, this week, MCAN and our partners at Raise Up Massachusetts launched the Fair Share Amendment Campaign, and our signature gathering period has officially begun. The Fair Share Amendment would raise $1.2 billion in revenue to support education and transportation, by requiring millionaires to pay a more just share, 4% higher taxes for income over $1 million.

This is an opportunity of a generation to make systemic economic change – to create an economy where we all contribute to a future of abundance for our children. Our faith traditions teach us that all things belong to God, and that as stewards of land and wealth, we each have a responsibility to help build a beloved community where every one of God’s children can thrive.  We now have the chance to bring our state closer to that vision, by collecting 100,000 petition signatures to get the Fair Share amendment on the ballot.

Signature Sabbaths and Faith Participation

To support this effort, faith communities around the state are invited to hold Signature Sabbaths, services that include preaching the social teachings our faiths, education about the amendment, and an opportunity for congregants to sign the Fair Share petitions and sign up to help gather more.


To make your participation as easy as possible, we have created a Signature Sabbath resource guide, which includes everything you will need to make your effort a success.  It includes links to a how-to guide, talking points, sermon starters, sample in-person and bulletin announcements, and campaign materials. You can find the packet at

While most of the resources you need are printable from this website, you can only get Fair Share Ballot Petitions from the campaign itself. To sign up to hold a Signature Sabbath and/or to request petitions, go to We will send or deliver to the forms to you asap. And, please share this with your clergy colleagues, to encourage them to participate in this important effort for economic dignity for all.

Shanah tovah u’metukah – May the coming year be good and sweet,

Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin
ECCO Director of Clergy and Leadership Development

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