ECCO Call-In Campaign, Update on U.S. Senate Bill that is Nightmare for Dreamers and Immigrant Families

The Immigration Security and Opportunity Act that is being voted on RIGHT NOW in the U.S. Senate is an abomination to those of us who believe in the inherent dignity of EVERY human being. This bill would give $25 billion to ICE to militarize not just the border but every community in our nation. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has declared that it no longer will differentiate between border security and interior enforcement.

This immoral assault on our communities must be fought! Call Senators Warren and Markey and let them know we will not sell out immigrant parents to give immigrant children a path to citizenship!

Defending immigrant families also requires our energy at the Massachusetts State House!

We Made a Difference!

Over the past two weeks, ECCO clergy and leaders have been fighting for the release of Fabiano de Oliveira, who was detained in maximum security prison, after he and his American wife had gone to meet with ICE thinking they were applying for legal residency.  In life-affirming news, our efforts worked!  

On Saturday morning, we learned that Fabiano had been released but we decided to show up anyway at the ICE offices in Burlington to stand in solidarity with all those who are not so fortunate.  To our amazement, Fabiano and his wife arrived at the vigil to thank us.  They urged us all to keep fighting for others like his family, and reminded us that Fabiano’s freedom is proof that our efforts CAN have an impact.

Brazilian man detained by ICE back home in Beverly  

Fabiano with his wife Kara, after his release.  Credit: Salem News

The Safe Communities Act is On Life Support

There are thousands more like Fabiano, who face detention and separation from their families.   The Safe Communities Act, a statewide bill that is our best chance to protect immigrant families, is in dire trouble.  Both the Senate and the House have sent it “to study,” where most bills go to die.   There is some hope, because today news broke that the MA Major Cities Police Chief Association has officially endorsed the latest version of the bill, but it seems clear that the bill will only move forward if our legislators feel some serious pressure.

Call To Pressure The Legislature To Act!

At an emergency meeting on Monday night, ECCO leaders agreed to join the Safe Communities Coalition to flood the phone lines of key decision makers in the state legislature for the next two weeks.  If we still do not see progress, we may have to act even more boldly.  

We are asking folks to call EVERY DAY for the next two weeks and to RECRUIT FIVE PEOPLE to join you.  For the script, phone numbers, and everything else you need to make these calls, please click here and then follow the prompts.  If you can’t call everyone, please prioritize calling Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Chandler.

We Must Act Now

Each person the Safe Communities Act would protect has a face and a story.  The detention and deportation of each person tears the fabric of our communities.  This is a time to insist that we are one human family, that what affects our immigrant neighbors affects all of us.  This is a time for action.

In solidarity and in love,

Rev. Myozen Joan Amaral

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