MCAN is co-chair of the Raise Up Massachusetts Coalition, which is directing the campaigns for the $15 minimum wage, Paid Family Medical Leave, and the Fair Share Amendment.

MCAN collected over 31,000 signature as part of Raise Up Massachusetts’ signature drive to ensure that the minimum wage and PFML will be on the ballot in fall 2018. PFML will give several months of paid time off for workers to care for ill family members or themselves, including taking care of a new baby.

The Fair Share Amendment campaign aims to break the constitutional lock on unfairness and inequality in Massachusetts’ tax code, and would generate $1.9 billion of new revenue annually for education and transportation, by raising the tax on incomes over $1 million by 4%. With allies from Raise Up, from 2015 to 2017, we collected signatures to quality for the ballot, and got two consecutive Legislatures to support the legislation in Constitutional Convention votes. Now it moves to the 2018 ballot for voters to decide.