CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY! Protect Immigrants, Support the Safe Communities Act

From: Ellen Reis

Can you take 3 minutes to protect immigrants?

We need you to call your legislators TODAY to get the Safe Communities Act Bill out of committee!

The deadline to the Safe Community Act Bill is next week so we need your help to give a final push to get the bill out of the Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security to the next phase by calling TODAY Wednesday, January 31st

I care deeply about this because I am an immigrant from Brazil. Throughout Massachusetts there are thousands of Brazilian immigrants living in daily terror of being ripped from their spouses, daughters, sons, or parents. On Cape Cod, my Brazilian sisters and brothers are now fearing the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department who recently signed a formal agreement with ICE to arrest immigrants on ICE’s behalf. The Safe Communities Act would prevent such agreements!

PLEASE CALL RIGHT NOW! And invite 5 friends to call too!

We are hoping for a big turnout for this statewide Call-in Day. To participate, please use the information below, including a suggested script.

State House # 617-722-2000

Fact Sheet


My Name is _______ and I am a constituent. I live in [City or Town]. I am calling because I support the Safe Communities Act and want to urge [your legislator ] to advocate to have the bill reported favorably out of committee by the Feb. 7 deadline.

Together we can protect each other!

Ellen Reis

ECCO Intern

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