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What We Believe: The #IHaveAFuture Movement

We, young people of color enduring poverty, are experiencing a crisis moment. Resources in our cities are poured into police harassment and the state invests in our incarceration. Our economic opportunities are limited our road to jail is well paved, while our road to a good college and a good career is broken. We are highly likely to go to failing schools and to face unemployment through our teenage years. In order to change this, we must convince the public that the situation is fundamentally unjust. We are calling on the people of the commonwealth, the state officials and the private sector to invest in our future, not our downfall. We Have A Future.

Who We Are

We are a coalition of 40 youth and community groups from across the State of Massachusetts who work together to create more employment opportunities for teens.  As teens, youth workers, executive directors, members, and leaders, we believe that young people and community organizations should have a voice in the private and public youth employment policies that affect our lives.

Mission and Goals

The YJC seeks to build community power and youth leadership to create a sustainable system of employment across the City of Boston and the State of Massachusetts.  We seek to achieve this goal through organizing campaigns that win specific policy changes to youth employment at the City, State, Federal and Private Sector levels.

  • Every youth who seeks employment in Massachusetts should be able to obtain a quality job that is meaningful and builds leadership skills
  • Youth jobs are a year around priority, not just a summer necessity
  • Youth jobs are a right and encourage social justice.

Contact Us

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation Building
594 Columbia Rd # 302
Dorchester, MA 02125

To get connected, contact:
Dalida Rocha, Executive Director

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