Victory! We Won Sanctuary in Salem…Again!

E-Blast on Sanctuary in Salem

Subject: Victory!  We Won Sanctuary in Salem, AGAIN

We Won!

We did it!  On Tuesday, the people of Salem voted to keep Salem’s Sanctuary for Peace ordinance making it clear that Salem welcomes immigrants regardless of status.  And, we sent a message statewide that voters WILL stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters and with sanctuary city policies!

Credit: Salem News, Lauren Noyes and Paul Drake, ECCO Leaders at First Parish Beverly,

erupt with joy upon hearing we won the Sanctuary for Peace Ordinance.


A Long Road

A year ago on Friday November 11, 2016, ECCO’s Latina immigrant leaders met in the basement of Immaculate Conception Church in Salem. Three days after last year’s election, these immigrants came together because they were scared; they were scared of being racially targeted; they were scared of being separated from their husbands, daughters, sons; they were scared of being detained and deported. That night they decided to work to make Salem a sanctuary city. Other community groups had the same impulse towards protecting our community. Everyone worked tirelessly! After collecting signatures, giving testimonies, participating in rallies, and organizing a prayer vigil, ECCO’s Latina immigrant leaders prayed the rosary late into the night as they watched the Salem City Council pass the Sanctuary for Peace Ordinance on March 30th, 2017 at 12:30 in the morning!


But, urged on by political propaganda over the past 25 years that has demonized and criminalized hard working immigrants and the current climate of hate and violence towards foreigners, some people in Salem decided that undocumented immigrants were the enemy, an enemy that would bring violence to Salem, an enemy that needed to be kept silent or kept scared or kept out. They placed a question on the ballot to repeal the Sanctuary for Peace ordinance.


Victory, But Not Just for Salem

People on both sides understood that this ballot question wasn’t only about Salem. If we failed, it would be an excuse for others across the state NOT to take action.  And if citizens voted for Sanctuary here in Salem, it would be a signal to state legislators and local public officials that Massachusetts is ready to stand with immigrants.


Let’s Celebrate

Well, the people have spoken! They have spoken for justice, not for some, but justice for ALL!  Thank you so much to all the volunteers from ECCO! Thank you to all the community groups that worked relentlessly in the name of love and compassion! Thank you to the greater Salem community! Our COLLECTIVE POWER made this victory possible! Come to our annual celebration on Sunday December 3rd!


With inexhaustible trust in our collective power,

Alexandra Piñeros-Shields, Executive Director


Upcoming Events

ECCO Clergy Caucus

When: Wednesday, November 29th, 10-11:30am

Where: First Church Swampscott, 40 Monument Ave, Swampscott

What: ECCO Clergy are invited to join to share struggles and triumphs, and work together to become prophetic voices for justice!


ECCO Annual Celebration / Meeting

When: Sunday, December 3rd, 5-8pm

Where: UU Church of Greater Lynn, 101 Forest Ave, Swampscott, MA 01907

What: Connect with inspiring people from across ECCO’s diverse communities, celebrate our shared successes of 2017, and recommit to our work for justice, all while eating delicious food!  Please bring a potluck dish to share.




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