Victory: Lynn Police Pledge to Partner with ECCO

ECCO Eblast on Victory with Police, 10/23/17

From: Rev. Andre Bennett, Zion Baptist Church

Reply to: Rabbi Margie

To: Full ECCO List

Subject: Victory: Police Pledge to Partner with ECCO


Congratulations to everyone in ECCO for making our meeting with the Lynn Police last Thursday a resounding success!

With Cherish and Rabbi Margie’s inspiring guidance, ECCO leaders identified our priority issues, planned the agenda, and ran the meeting ourselves. Thanks to both our strategy of partnership and Chief Mageary’s openness to ECCO, the police agreed to work with ECCO to develop plans to

  • Collaborate to raise funds and plan implicit bias training for more of the police force and community,
  • Work with local churches and pastors to diversify the police force by increasing outreach and Civil Service Exam Preparation in communities of color, and offer officers of color support in pursuing the advancement exam,
  • Educate the immigrant community about their rights and the Lynn Police Department’s commitment not perform immigration raids for ICE or honor ICE detainers.

At the close of the meeting, Cherish invited the whole group to evaluate the meeting together, including the police, which we have never done before.  It was exciting to witness leaders of color and police speaking candidly together about the meeting and their hopes for the future.

Many thanks are in order.  Thank you to:

  • Brian for expertly facilitating the meeting, keeping us on track, and creating an atmosphere of invitation
  • Liz Fortes for eloquently presenting our meeting goals and focusing our discussion
  • Darrell Murkison, Teka Lumbuba, and Juan Gonzalez for the powerful testimonies on police diversity, implicit bias training, and fear within the immigrant community.
  • Arthur Akers, Pat Shearer, and Alexandra Pineros Shields for their thoughtful presentations and requests on our issues
  • Tracy Best for nailing down specific point people for all our follow up efforts and next steps
  • Dulany Alexander and Luke Abdow for their skillful research efforts.
  • The Lynn Police, for their openness to working with us.
  • Cherish, for her contagious passion and creativity, including getting the police to agree to work WITH ECCO to plan our next meeting.
  • Rabbi Margie, for her powerful leadership, inspiration, and coaching, which allows us not only to meet our goals but also to grow into stronger leaders in the process.
  • The many ECCO leaders and clergy who helped make the meeting a success.


It is an honor to work with you all.



Rev. Andre Bennett, Zion Baptist Church



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