From Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day

From Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day

Heritage isn’t only about history.  It is about how we remember it.  Today, our country marks the day Columbus discovered the New World.  For some, this day signifies progress and the promise of a better future.  Yet, for Native Americans, other indigenous peoples, and their allies, it marks the beginning of colonial brutality, slavery, rape, and even genocide.  So today, ECCO invites you to commemorate Indigenous People’s Day.  We invite you to celebrate indigenous peoples and their courageous struggles around the world, to mourn those who have been lost, and to recommit ourselves to solidarity work to preserve indigenous culture, people, and land.


Our Struggles Are Connected

One way to recommit ourselves to solidarity work is to affirm that all of our struggles are connected.  Just as our unarmed Native American brothers and sisters faced much more aggressive police tactics at Standing Rock than armed white protesters in Oregon, communities of color across MA still experience unequal police outcomes compared to our white brothers and sisters.


Join Us to Take Leadership in Lynn

Thankfully, we have built a strong relationship with the Lynn Police Department, and are working together to create equality and trust here in Lynn.  Join us tomorrow to plan our upcoming meeting with Lynn Police Chief Mike Mageary.


When: Tuesday, October 10th, 7-9pm

Where: St. Stephen’s, 74 South Common St. in Lynn


Over the past three years, ECCO has been working to strengthen the relationship and trust between the Lynn Police Department and the local community, particularly communities of color.  Working with former Chief Coppinger, ECCO trained the Lynn PD’s Command Staff and hundreds of community members in implicit racial bias.  Now, we have the opportunity to build on the positive relationship we have been cultivating with the Lynn PD by meeting with Lynn’s (relatively) new Chief Michael Mageary.


Join us to explore how we can work with the police department to make Lynn a model of community-police collaboration, in order to decrease racial disparities in police outcomes, diversify the police force, and build trust and accountability between community and police.


Finally, click here for our updated ECCO calendar!


With love in action,

Cherish Casey

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