Thank You For Making Our March for Racial Justice a Success

June 21, 2017

Thank you so much for helping to make yesterday’s march and rally for racial justice such a success!   People of every color and creed marched from Zion Baptist Lynn to First Church Swampscott, insisting that even though communities like Lynn and Swampscott can feel worlds apart, we are both geographically and morally interconnected.  Through powerful testimony, preaching, and song, we affirmed that together, we must continue to fight racism and injustice in our mass incarceration and immigration systems.

Rev. Annie Belmer and the ECCO marchers, Courtesy of


Then, as the ECCO crowd sang freedom songs behind us, Sr. Linda, Rev. Annie and I crossed the street to Gov. Baker’s house to deliver our demands.  I knew that in that moment, whatever happened, it was a blessing to be able to speak truth to power.  Unfortunately, Gov. Baker not only refused to meet with us, but also did not allow us to deliver our letter.  But, as we sang, we will not let Gov. Baker turn us around from our work for justice!


Take Action!

We urge you both to call Gov. Baker and your legislators, to tell them that we hope they will support the Justice Reinvestment Act, Juvenile Expungement, and the Safe Communities Act, and are disappointed that Gov. Baker refuses to meet with those most affected by the criminal justice system.  Please find a script here for your legislative calls, which gives more information on these pieces of legislation.  To reach Gov. Baker, call 617-725-4005, and to reach your legislators, go to this website to get contact info.


Click here for more photos and coverage from and here for coverage in the Lynn Item.


God help us all!

Rev. Ian Holland, First Church in Swampscott and ECCO Board


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