Recap and Resources from Our Team Building Training

May 19, 2016

In the Jewish calendar, we are in the process of counting the Omer, the span of 50 days from Passover to Shavuot/Pentecost. Each week is connected with one of the sphirot, the ten aspects of God according to Jewish mysticism. This past week, we have been focused on Tiferet, which signifies the Divine balance between boundless love on the one hand, and boundaries and just judgement on the other.


As I reflect on the Team Building Training we held on May 2nd, I believe the week of Tiferet was the perfect time to reflect on our training! So much of creating a strong team is about cultivating both warmth and relationship AND being organized and goal-driven, so that we can create a world that is full of both love and justice.


See below for notes and resources on teams, our four leadership roles, and more!


Click here for the agenda and worksheets for Weavers and Chaplains.


Click here for our notes from the training, including notes from our breakout groups that met about the different roles.


Click here for our new two-pager: The ECCO Meeting/Event Planning and Debrief Guide, which will help you incorporate the lessons and roles we learned at our Team Building Training into our work.


Don’t worry – we know there is lots more to learn, and we are here to support you through it.  Please click here to let us know when your congregation or regional team’s next meeting is, and one of our staff will try to attend and offer support before and after.


Blessings for love, justice, and balance,

Rabbi Margie

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