Beloved Community Strategy, Phase Two

February 7, 2017

On January 5th, nearly 100 ECCO members came together to ask questions about our strategy for enacting real, substantial criminal justice reform in Massachusetts. We asked hundreds of questions to discern what the most pressing issues and targeted strategies are. Here are just a few of the questions we posed:


  • What are the real needs of prisoners and ex-prisoners and how will they be met?
  • Who feels they are being protected by police force in Lynn and who doesn’t?
  • How can we influence the sheriff to use his power to change things at the prison?


What I liked most about this meeting was the energy in the room. We were excited to actively participate in the planning process, and instead of just one or two people speaking from the front of the room, everyone had the opportunity to speak.


There is no time to waste. Mass incarceration has taken a significant toll on so many of our lives. Please join us for one or more of the following ECCO Beloved Community meetings where we will strategize how to advance criminal justice reform in Massachusetts.


State-Level Reform Meeting

Thursday, February 16th – 7-9pm

St. Mary’s at Lynn Catholic Collaborative, 8 South Common St., Lynn MA


County-Level Reform Meeting

Thursday, February 23rd – 7-9pm

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 74 South Common St, Lynn MA


Local-Level Reform Meeting

Thursday, March 2nd – 7-9pm

Zion Baptist Church, 4 Adams Extension, Lynn MA


I am very hopeful about the work that ECCO and MCAN are doing to create the meaningful reform we are looking for. We can’t afford to settle for reform that doesn’t address the real epidemic of mass incarceration, towering recidivism rates, and an altogether racist system. I would like to see ECCO usher in real criminal justice reform, and your input is needed. Please join us!


In gratitude,

Sean Ellis

ECCO Leader

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