A Moment of Danger and Opportunity

August 24, 2017

Thank you to all who supported ECCO financially by joining us on our Annual Boat Cruise this past Sunday; it was lots of fun!! A special thank you goes to 7 Seas Whale Watch for the generous donation of their ship!


What’s next?

We stand at a moment of great danger AND great opportunity. To a degree we have not seen in a very long time in our nation, we stand TOGETHER in a desire to respond to white supremacy, and to racism.


A Moment of Danger

There is danger of:

  • more brutal violence.
  • increasing violations of human, civil, and economic rights.
  • increased efforts to dismantle our democracy.
  • reducing our attention and responses to individual level analysis by just focusing on individuals using neo-Nazi white supremacy rhetoric.
  • creating solidarity that focuses on individuals and not the systems that maintain the 1% in power.


A Moment of Opportunity

There is opportunity to:

  • galvanize the energy against white supremacy towards an analysis of the causes that have enabled and promoted racial terror and economic exploitation by political leaders and business elites in both the North and the South for centuries.
  • identify neo-liberal capitalism as the real enemy that keeps the white male 1% with almost all the wealth and power and uses race, class, and gender to force the 99% to blame and compete against each other for left overs.
  • create solidarity to dismantle systems of racial and economic oppression and build democratic sustainable communities.


What you can do now!

Build racial economic power by putting two questions on the ballot, raising the minimum wage to $15 and paid family leave! We will discuss the economic research that supports these initiatives as well as plan our strategy to surpass our record of collecting over 22,000 signatures of registered voters when we raised the minimum wage the last time!


More food for thought, read this recent article by historian Avi Chomsky here.


With Trust in Our Collective Power,

Alexandra Piñeros Shields, Ph.D.

Executive Director

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