A Call to Community and Action

November 9, 2016

Our faith traditions exhort us to love one another and to love our planet.


To us this means bearing witness to the pain and despair among the vast majority of voters in our country.  It is not about blaming people for their political choices. Throughout the election cycle we heard people’s lament and rage for being excluded from the economy that benefits the very few. Our economic and political systems, controlled by the elite 1%, are to blame for the fear and hopelessness that drove the election’s outcome.


We are called to unity and solidarity now, across all differences, to ensure everyone’s human and civil rights.


We are called to compassion and empathy, across all differences, to ensure democracy and mutual liberation.


We are called to be hope and a light in the darkness.


Tomorrow evening, Thursday Nov. 10th, we will gather to give voice to our pain and to create a vision and strategy for healing and justice. Come to reflect, comfort, and strategize together!


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 74 South Common St., Lynn 7:00 to 9:00


Together in Unity,


Alexandra Piñeros Shields, Executive Director

Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin, Director of Clergy and Leadership Development

Cherish Casey, Racial Justice Organizer

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