A Response to the “Criminal Justice Reform” suggested by Massachusetts

FACTS — 43% of Inmates in ESSEX COUNTY Jails have not been convicted of any crime (about 450 people)


On February 16th, ECCO led a criminal justice reform meeting addressing a range of issues affecting Massachusetts on a state-level. This meeting was held in response to the “lack of findings” recorded by the state in a study conducted by the Council on State Governments (CSG). Who solely focused on after prison reform and did not incorporate key statistics such as racial inequalities in the criminal justice system. Where Blacks and Hispanics make up 52% of the MA State prison population and only 18% of the entire MA population as a whole.

Also, along with creating awareness around racial inequality; ECCO managed to hold powerful discussions on what reform would look like in the three phases of the criminal justice system:

  • Before Prison Reform: Policing reform, Sentencing reform, reclassification of crimes, bail reform
  • During Prison Reform: Increased treatment, training, access to “Good Time”
  • After Prison Reform: Increased treatment and training, parole reform

As the night progressed, there were two common themes that emerged from this meeting. One being accountability and the other being reform around race. To stay up to date on events like these and others. Please follow and like ECCO on Facebook here.

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