Victory: ECCO Secures Commitment from Lynn Police Chief

From: Teka Lumumba Nkrumah, ECCO Leader, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Success with the Lynn Police

This Monday, I had the honor of attending the Beloved Community campaign with Police Chief Coppinger, along with about 15 of my Lynn-based brothers and sisters and 10 police officers.  At the meeting, we shared our belief that all of us need training to address our unintentional racial biases, and invited the police to attend and help plan a training ECCO will organize in June.

I am thrilled to announce that Chief Coppinger agreed to work with ECCO to develop and run an implicit bias training where police officers and ECCO leaders will learn together and develop relationships with each other.  The Chief assigned one of his command staff, Capt. Vail to work with us AND agreed to two dates for the training!

We are so grateful to all those who have supported our efforts, but most of all, we are grateful to God for sustaining us as we work for a more just world.

Building Our Power Moving Forward

Of course, our work is not done yet, and in order for us to become more powerful, we need strong teams that can work together to create change and support one another in the process.  To this end, we hope you will join on this Monday for our team building training.

Monday May 2nd – Team Building Training

Zion Baptist Church (4 Adams St Extension, Lynn) Potluck Dinner starts at 6:30;training starts at 7:00pm. RSVP at  

At the training, you will learn to:

  • Inspire others in your congregation and region to join you through one-to-one’s and house meetings.
  • Create strong effective teams through intentional planning around roles, responsibilities, and goals.
  • Learn how you can use your personal gifts to strengthen your team, as a weaver (who builds relationships), a chaplain (who strengthens faith content), a power broker (who helps your team build power and gain political and racial analysis), along with other roles!

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