A Path Forward in our Beloved Community Campaign

We had an inspiring and energetic meeting on Monday night at Zion Baptist Church – thank you for those of you who joined us.

Event Recap

We gathered together to share, to learn, and to plan a path forward in our Beloved Community Campaign. Through our collective brainstorming, we generated some exciting ideas about how to reach those most affected by policing practices so we can document their experiences – thank you for your great ideas. We shared our desire to be in solidarity with each other and our hopes for justice. We learned how people in our congregations experience the Lynn police and some of the challenges we are facing in collecting stories and surveys. And we were invigorated by the many faith reflections, moving stories, and uplifting songs.

Finally we committed ourselves to working together to building and share power. We seek power that creates a community based on mutuality and reciprocity. Power that makes all of us sisters and brothers.

Next Step: Clergy Meeting with Chief Coppinger & Prayer Request

ECCO clergy will meet with the Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger this Friday at 11:00AM. We know the power of prayer, and so we ask for your prayers as we seek honest, collaborative, and transparent communication. Please pray that we can develop a fruitful partnership that will serve all residents of Lynn as has been our tradition for over 30 years.

Please pray with us at 11AM on Friday, and if you want to send us a prayer that we can read, write to us by clicking here, and we’ll carry your prayers with us.

Pictures and Videos

You can find pictures on the ECCO facebook page.


Fr. Brian Flynn
ECCO Board President, St. Mary’s/Sacred Heart

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