Other Economic Justice Issues

Fight for $15: This campaign for $15/hr for employees of big box retail and fast food chains is both a legislative campaign and a “street heat” campaign directed at low-wage employers. We are working closely with labor unions and community groups in Raise Up to move this forward, and are collaborating with the national Fight for $15 movement. In early 2015, Senate Chair of Labor Dan Wolf filed this bill legislatively. There will be major rally days to escalate pressure for employers and/or the Legislature to act. Most of the legislative activity, hearings, meetings with legislators, phone calls will happen January–July 2016.

Paid Family Medical Leave: A bill was filed with 65 co-sponsors for Paid Family Medical Leave. The US Department of Labor has funded a study of paid family leave in five states, including MA. The research will be available to the public in early fall. Similar to the Fight for $15 we anticipate that most of the legislative activity will happen January–July 2016.

Vocational Schools and Job Training: MCAN co-chairs and staffs the Coalition on Vocational Technical Education, which works on increasing access to and strengthening public vocational schools. MCAN also coordinates the Coalition for Equal Access to jobs, working on funding for pre-apprentice training for people of color and and women for construction jobs. This is a consistent and ongoing effort.