Urge Your Legislators to Vote Yes On the Fair Share Amendment

On Wednesday, May 18, the State Legislature will vote on our Fair Share Amendment. If at least 50 of 200 legislators vote in favor, the amendment moves on to the next stage in the Constitutional Amendment process. We need to make sure we get those votes!

Look up your legislators’ phone numbers on the list below and give them a call. Here’s a sample of what you could say:

“Hi, my name is [your name] and I live at [your address]. I’m calling today to urge you to support the Fair Share Amendment. Our community and our state are in desperate need of investments in transportation and education, and the revenue raised by the Fair Share Amendment will go a long way to making sure we are educating our children, providing affordable higher education for students, and building a transportation system that works. These investments are critical to ensuring every Massachusetts resident has a fair shot at getting ahead. Please vote yes on the Fair Share Amendment!”

If you aren’t sure who your legislators are, you can look them up at www.wheredoivotema.com.

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